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          Suzhou science and Technology Co., Ltd. provides on-site meetings for our company

          On October 23, all participants of the third quarter science and Technology Conference of Suzhou came to our company for on-site observation and guidance under the leadership of Li Xiaohui, director of…

          Thai customers come to the company for field visits

          On October 17, Thai customers came to our company for on-site visit. High quality products and services and good industry development prospects are important reasons to attract this customer visit. Wan…

          Lu Shiren, director of the Provincial Agricultural Commission, visited our company for investigation and guidance

          On the afternoon of September 22, Lu Shiren, director of Anhui Agricultural Committee, accompanied by Zhang Jianjun, head of Yongqiao district and Zhang Jinhai, director of Suzhou Agricultural Committe…

          Our company welcomes the "Seventh Five Year Plan" law popularization inspection

          On the morning of September 19, an inspection team composed of municipal and district leaders such as Meng Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary General o…

          Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia investigation team came to our company for investigation

          On the morning of September 6, the investigation team of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, accompanied by the leaders of the District Agricultural Committee, inspected the comprehensive utilization of crop…

          The exchange meeting of the eighth group of deputies to Yongqiao District People's Congress was held in our company

          On the afternoon of June 5, the eighth group of deputies to Yongqiao District Peoples Congress held the first exchange meeting in our company. The city sent representatives fan Xiaohui and Lu Xiaosong …

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