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          Current situation analysis of China's wood plastic composite market and enterprise revenue investigation

          Composite materials are materials with new properties composed of two or more materials with different properties through physical or chemical methods. Various materials learn from each other in perfor…

          China's wood plastic industry is "on an equal footing" with developed countries

          "Wood plastic industry is one of the few industries in Chinas manufacturing industry that enjoy equal voice with European and American developed countries." Recently, Liu Jia, Secretary Gener…

          Provincial leaders investigated the market situation of straw wood plastic products of our company and affirmed it

          On June 5, accompanied by Wang Yingchun, director of the environmental protection department and Shao Yu, vice mayor of Suzhou City, Li Guoying, governor of Anhui Province, song Guoquan, member of the …

          Stay away from the four misunderstandings and buy wood plastic flooring at ease

          In decoration, the purchase of decoration building materials is a very important part. Wood plastic floor is gradually accepted and adopted in decoration because of its excellent practical performance.…

          How to choose PVC wood plastic wallboard production line? What do you need to know?

          The production line consists of:① Cone double main machine, ② rubber extruder, ③ vacuum setting table, ④ tractor, ⑤ cutting machine, ⑥ material receiving frame.Wallboard production line and auxil…

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