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          Yongqiao district leaders investigated the quality development of building materials production enterprises
          Release Date:2021-03-19 15:56:42      Number of clicks:848

          In order to deeply and solidly promote the high-quality economic development of the whole region, guide enterprises to establish and improve the modern enterprise quality management system, and effectively implement the "quality improvement action" to enterprises and see practical results, it is planned to carry out the investigation on the quality development of building materials industry in the whole region

          At about 9 a.m. on March 19, Yang Weihai, deputy head of Yongqiao District, and the main responsible comrades of the district market supervision bureau, circular Park and other departments visited our factory. Zhang Jibing, general manager of the company, participated in the reception and accompanied.

          General manager Zhang Jibing first welcomed the leaders of his party to the research and thanked Suzhou municipal government for its strong support for the development of the company. Subsequently, Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang Jibing walked into the production workshop under the guidance of general manager of the company. He carefully introduced the number of employees employed in the company, the proportion of the industry products in the province and the domestic market share, and the impact of COVID-19 on the development of the enterprise and industry.

          The research team affirmed the application of new materials and the development of new products of our company, and praised the product quality and brand benefits.

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