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          Our company carries out the activity of receiving and delivering cool air in the afternoon
          Release Date:2019-06-11 15:45:01      Number of clicks:3311

          In the scorching June, the scorching sun is like fire, and the busy harvest season has entered. In order to help local development and facilitate the surrounding people, our company has carried out the cool collection and delivery activities in the afternoon in line with the concept of "common development of social enterprises".


          During the activity, Zhang Jibing, general manager of our company, and his party went deep into the fields under the scorching sun. They not only sent heatstroke prevention and cooling comforts to the front-line staff and lunch farmers, but also actively participated in the government's activities to ban burning, fulfilled their social responsibilities, cooperated with the government to publicize the policies on banning burning and the benefits of banning burning, Strive to contribute to local economic development and environmental protection, which has been praised by the government and farmers.


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