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          In the market with fierce price struggle, how does the expensive wood plastic floor survive?
          Release Date:2021-11-23 16:11:40      Number of clicks:487

          Wood plastic flooring of wood plastic manufacturers is a new type of environmental protection composite material product, which is developing steadily at home and abroad. The characteristics of environmental protection, energy conservation and resource recycling of plastic wood materials are widely spread in the industry, but its expensive price makes people stop. It is the same floor. Why is the price of plastic wood floor so much higher than that of solid wood floor? Many people don't understand how expensive wood plastic flooring can survive in the fierce price struggle market.

          Today, I'll answer your questions.

          1. Remarkable social benefits. With the continuous construction of various projects in China, the consumption of steel bamboo and wood for building formwork in China is huge and the waste of resources is amazing. The raw materials of wood plastic are plastic and wood fiber, which will not waste China's steel bamboo and wood resources. The social benefit of wood plastic building formwork replacing traditional building formwork is undoubtedly huge.

          2. Good environmental protection performance. The material of wood plastic floor is high-density fiber composite material. It does not contain toxic substances and dangerous chemical components, preservatives and the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. It will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution. It can be 100% recycled and reprocessed. It is an ecological wood with better environmental protection performance.

          3. High experience. The wood plastic floor has the natural appearance and texture of wood, and has better dimensional stability than wood. It has no wood knots and will not produce cracks, warpage, deformation and other problems. The wood plastic floor has a variety of colors and can be kept fresh for a long time without secondary painting. The wood plastic floor is resistant to static charge ultraviolet light, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant and can resist 75-40 high temperature, User enjoyment is beyond doubt.

          As the saying goes of wood plastic manufacturers, cheap goods are not good goods, and good goods are not cheap. Wood plastic flooring stands in the market at a high price. It must have its own way of survival.


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