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          Storage method of plastic wood floor
          Release Date:2021-11-19 16:09:35      Number of clicks:461

          First of all, although the plastic wood floor has the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof, it is still necessary to ensure the dryness and ventilation of the storage place. After putting the floor into the warehouse, we often pay attention to ventilation to ensure the cleanness and dryness of the room, which is still of great help to prolong the storage time of the floor itself. In addition, the floor should be placed horizontally, which is the key to ensure that the floor is prevented from deformation. Some merchants erect the floor. It is natural to adopt this method in a short time, but lying flat is a better way to store it for a long time. In order not to affect future sales, plastic film can be used to wrap outside during storage, which is the key to prevent ash falling. In order to ensure the air permeability, you can also poke several holes on the plastic film to ensure the smoothness of the air, so as to make the floor achieve a better state in the storage effect. At the same time, during storage, keep away from places with water source or power supply to ensure safe storage without worries.

          The observation of plastic wood floor from the comprehensive level of all aspects is an embodiment of high cost performance. Properly mastering effective storage methods is an important factor to reduce unnecessary problems in the later sales link of the floor and ensure that the use effect of the floor meets the audit standards of consumers. Plastic wood flooring wholesale should choose regular manufacturers for wholesale, which is safe and guaranteed.


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