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          China has become the world's largest producer of plastic wood composites
          Release Date:2021-11-18 16:05:33      Number of clicks:409

          In 2008, there were more than 1000 medium-sized wood plastic production lines in China, and the total annual output of wood plastic materials reached 150000 tons, ranking second in the world, not only leading European countries, but also surpassing Japan, a wood plastic power. In 2016, China began to replace the United States as the world's largest producer and exporter of plastic wood products. In 2019, China's output of plastic wood composites exceeded 3 million tons; In 2020, the output of plastic wood composites in China has exceeded 3.5 million tons.

          Wood plastic composites can replace the application of logs, plastic steel, plastics, aluminum alloy, ceramics and other similar composites. At present, they have penetrated into the fields of gardens, home decoration, automobiles, transportation, packaging and even military, and their application scope is still expanding.

          As the world's largest producer of plastic wood composites, China has production advantages. At the same time, the plastic wood composite industry is an emerging industry, which is strongly supported by the state, and it is also in line with the national "carbon neutral" development strategy. In the future, the output and consumption of plastic wood composite materials in China are expected to be further improved.


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