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          Analysis of seven misunderstandings in the selection of wood plastic flooring
          Release Date:2017-08-05 11:21:05      Number of clicks:1428

          Wood plastic flooring is a kind of flooring with rapid market growth in recent years. Consumers are very fond of its unique texture, luster and stable product performance. However, because consumers do not know the characteristics of wood plastic flooring and choose it according to the imaginary quality standard, they often produce embarrassing scenes that cost a lot of money but have poor results. Therefore, huaisu building materials reminds consumers to pay attention to the following seven misunderstandings when purchasing wood plastic flooring:

          Myth 1: add large core board when laying

          Some consumers lay a layer of large core board on the keel in order to pursue the foot feeling too much. In fact, the quality of large core board varies greatly. Poor quality large core board will affect the pavement quality of wood plastic floor board. Therefore, if consumers have to seek too high foot feeling, they should choose the famous brand large core board products sold in the market.


          Myth 2: only purchase, not pavement

          The wood plastic floor has the idea of direct pasting, keel paving and suspension paving. No matter what kind of paving idea is accepted, we must choose a good construction team and insist on "six non paving", that is, the wall is wet and leaking, the ground is not dry, not bent and not paved; Mixing construction without paving; Use inferior auxiliary materials without paving; The construction period is too urgent to implement the process without paving; There are quality problems in the products of the invention; No paving is required without leveling and color difference.

          Myth 3: do not value the same ordinary maintenance

          Some consumers think that the wood plastic floor does not need to be carefully maintained. They directly mop the floor with a mop and do not pay attention to the dripping of heating water. The floor products are easy to have problems such as discoloration, deformation and cracks. The use of wooden floor must be adjusted and maintained regularly according to the requirements of the manufacturer.


          Myth 4: wood plastic flooring is not environmentally friendly

          Some consumers think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, coupled with multi-layer gluing between wood veneers, the content of formaldehyde in oak solid wood composite floor is high, which is not environmentally friendly. In fact, as long as the formaldehyde release of wood plastic floor is controlled within the scope specified in the national standard, it can be safely used.

          Myth 5: selling and laying are separated

          Like the manufacturers of solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring products with high character, they usually have a professional paving team or professional paving guide to ensure the paving of products sold. If consumers encounter that selling and paving are not the same home unit, they should make progress and take warning. Once there are problems in the future, it is likely to cause the environment of mutual evasion between the two sides, causing consumers to suffer. Therefore, consumers should strive to unify selling and paving.

          Myth 6: seek plain board and refuse to buy painted board

          Some consumers think that the plain board is a genuine wood plastic floor, and the cost is self-made, and temporarily spend money on the paint, which can also save some processing costs, but they don't know that the paint itself may cause the floor to be polluted and the paint quality can't be guaranteed; The paint plate is operated by the manufacturer through the production line with high mechanization and initiative, which greatly eliminates the pollution and makes the products more environmentally friendly.


          Myth 7: seeking texture equality too much

          Wood plastic floor is a natural wood product. Due to the difference of planting location, sunlight and other factors, the brilliance of its wood is also different. In addition, that is, the boards cut by the unified wood sawing. Due to the different positions of the sawing, the color depth and wood texture will not be the same, so the wood plastic floor objectively has the signs of color difference and uneven markings. This is really a natural sign, and there is no need to be too strict about the same color.

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